8 Ways How to Decorate a Long Narrow Living Room

What would you do if you only have a limited living space? Maybe, it is just a long narrow living room so you like being in an alley, but how are we supposed to be able to anticipate it. That is the strategy that should be applied in managing the living room so that it becomes more flexible and effective. This time, we will talk about some of the ways how to decorate a long narrow living room.

#1. Wall Colors

When you want an effect of space in the house, you will always plot colors. Yes. Your wall is composed of elongated buildings that tend to constrict. The only way is to realize a broad effect. It would be greatly aided by the color selection. Do not use darker colors.

#2. Flooring Style

The floor is one determinant of the ease in managing the home. In the cramped living room, it can be pursued by taking bright colors or natural style. It would be very nice when we can combine or balance with the ceiling.Long Narrow Living Room Layout Designs

#3. Large Windows

In addition to the air circulation, large windows will provide natural light. Natural light is the most effective element to create widespread effects. Of course, you can design it according to the character of your home.

#4. Frames

You can choose the frame as family photos, paintings, or even frame it is empty. Empty frame will allow us to create a unique effect style once widespread distribution. We can set the size of each frame to hang on your wall.

#5. Furnishing Layout

One important issue is the layout. Actually, it has always been influential in any room. Well, you have to set up chairs and tables so that it does not look crowded. It will be a difficult thing to remember you have a narrow space, but do it slowly and observe every possible combination will attract you.Long Narrow Living Room Furniture Placement

#6. Split Areas

This is one strategy that separates your guest room, but it will not use wall insulation or new. As much as possible you will create styles in different functions in the living room. Maybe, you could set up two main points in a narrow space.

#7. Sculptures

The sculptures are beautiful and exotic ornaments that you can place at multiple angles, but do not put them in large quantities. That is because it will make yours into a narrower space.

#8. Mirrors

Yes. This is an old trick. At least, you can trick your concept of a living room with a mirror. Also, it could be useful furniture in the living room. Everyone likes the mirror.

Well, those are a few ways you can do when you have limited living space. Apply according to your needs and context. Then, create it as comfortable as possible.


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