5 Effective Ways to Dog-Proof Your Fence

If you happen to have the kind of dog that stays in the house unless you’re taking it out for a walk, then a fence is not all that necessary. But if you have an outside dog or a dog that spends quite a bit of time playing in your front or back yard, it is important that you build a fence. Not only does it help keep your dog from getting out, but it can also prevent other animals from coming into your yard and causing a commotion as well.

Of course, being that dogs enjoy trying to leap over fences or digging around them, it’s a good idea that you know about some of the things that you can do that will make your fence dog-proof. If you’d like a few failsafe tips, here are five of them:

Do some landscaping. If you have the kind of dog who likes to try and jump the fence or barks at those passing by a lot, something that you can do to deter this is to get creative with your landscaping. By planting some dense shrubbery, you can hinder your dog from being closer to your fence that you may want it to be. To read more about dense shrubs that are ideal, visit Garden.LovetoKnow and put “best shrubs for privacy” in the search field.

Consider adding some reed fencing. Say that you have a chain-link fence and you want to keep your dog from reacting so much to what is happening on the opposite side of it. In this case, something that you might want to do is add a bit of reed fencing. By lining the inside of your fence with it, not only will it prevent your dog from seeing what’s on the other side, but it will boost your curb appeal as well. Bamboo reed fencing is especially attractive. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and affordable, too.

Add a concrete footer. Do you happen to have the kind of dog who likes to do a lot of digging along your fence? If so, one way to keep it from putting dirt mounds all over your yard is by adding a concrete footer. All you have to do is pour some concrete along your fence line and then put the bottom of the fence into the concrete before it dries. Sure it requires a bit of extra work, but the results make it all well worth it. YouTube and DIY Network both feature instructions on how to add a concrete footer. Just go to the sites and put “concrete footing” in the search field.

Install some lean-ins. Do you have very large dogs? If that’s the case, another option is to install some lean-ins. Basically, they are the kind of fencing that leans in at an angle at the top. Typically this kind of fence is made with farm fencing materials.

Inspect your fence once a season. If you happen to reside in the Livermore, California area, there are companies like Borg Fence that can provide you with tips on how to go about putting up a fence in your own yard. If while you’re talking to them, you decide to ask for a recommendation on how to dog-proof your fence, one thing that they might tell you is to thoroughly inspect your fence once a season. That way, you can be sure it is in good enough condition so that your dog cannot get out and other critters cannot get in. For some fence maintenance tips, visit Fence Makeovers and put “fence maintenance tips” in the search field.

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