5 Cost-Saving Heating and Cooling Tips for Homeowners

If there’s one thing that all of us are extremely thankful for when it comes to the interior of our homes, it would have to be our HVAC unit. After all, that’s what helps to keep all of the rooms inside of our house at a comfortable temperature all year long. That’s not to say that we’re always grinning from ear-to-ear whenever our energy bills arrive – especially during the summer and winter seasons when the temperature outside tends to be a bit more extreme.

If you’ve been looking for a few ways to reduce your energy expenses as they directly relate to your heating and cooling system, you’re in luck. This article has five tips that will help keep your house feeling great while also keeping a few extra dollars in your pocket in the process.

Do some insulating and sealing. There are a lot of homeowners who find themselves having a challenging time when it comes to keeping the various rooms of their house at a comfortable and even temperature. The reason why is because they don’t have enough insulation in their attic or their doors and windows have air leaks. This is why it’s a good idea to conduct an energy audit once a year. If you do discover that your attic’s insulation is worn, add some cotton or sheep’s wool. If it’s 12″ thick, it will better protect your home from outdoor weather. And if you do happen to notice that you have some small holes and cracks along your windowsills and doorways, add a bit of caulking to them. For instructions on how to conduct your energy audit, visit Energy.gov and put “DIY energy audit” in the search field.

Adjust your thermostat. If you’re someone who tends to change the temperature of your thermostat a lot, this could be another reason why you’re spending more money on your energy costs than you would like. In fact, according to many energy experts, by presetting your thermostat to between 73-74 degrees, your house should remain comfortable all year round. Plus, those temperatures will save you 20-30 percent on your energy bills annually.

Use your fans. If you don’t already have some ceiling and exhaust fans in your home, definitely make it a point to install some. Ceiling fans can make your home 5-7 degrees cooler or warmer (if you set it to turn counterclockwise it helps to pull the heat that has risen down closer to you). And when it comes to having exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom, they can drastically reduce the amount of humidity inside of your house.

Have your HVAC unit serviced. If you were to speak with someone who works at Atlas Heating and Air Service about something else that you can do to save money as it specifically relates to your home’s heating and cooling needs, they would probably tell you that you should get your HVAC unit serviced. When a licensed technician comes over every spring and fall, they can inspect your system, change your filters, clean your ducts, and make sure that everything is in good condition. A well-working HVAC unit is an efficient one.

Dress for the weather. There’s one more thing to keep in mind, especially during the summer and winter months. If you dress for the weather, even when you’re inside, that can prevent you from changing your thermostat a lot as well. Having on shorts in the summer will keep you cooler and putting on flannel pajamas during winter can help to keep you warmer. For more information on energy efficiency, visit Energy.gov.

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