4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Heat Wave in Summer

Each summer, the temperatures rise higher and higher. This is a result of global warming and natural warming trends that happen every couple hundred thousand years. The result: hotter and hotter heat waves that scorch the earth and leave many homeowners trying to beat the heat without spending a fortune on cooling costs or repairs to an overspent air conditioning system. This is why it is becoming more and more important to prepare your home for these brutal heat waves. Indeed, there are many measures you can take to make your home a little oasis from the hot summer temperatures. Here are four easy ways to prepare your home for a heat wave in summer.

  1. Insulate your attic. When it comes down to it, there are many benefits of sealing and insulating your home, but when it comes to beating the heat and preparing your home for a heat wave, insulation is imperative. When you insulate your attic, you prevent two things: the air from your AC escaping the house and the warm air from your attic pushing down into your home. Insulation creates a nice barrier so that your home can more efficiently control the temperature and climate.
  2. Ventilate properly. On top of placing insulation in your attic, you also want to make sure that your attic is properly ventilated. In most cases, a ventilation window will be installed that can allow for proper airflow. Airflow is critical for the sake of keeping the temperatures in your attic at a moderate level – without ventilation, it can be like a hot oven up there. Not only that, without proper ventilation, your attic could become too humid and the moisture could cause water damage and mold.
  3. Maintain your air conditioning system. It is also crucial that you maintain your air conditioner. Ideally, you want to maintain your air conditioner on a weekly to monthly basis. Not only do you want to perform a visual inspection, but you also want to change the filter, replace the refrigerant, and you want to clean the condenser coils. If you don’t maintain your air conditioner, there is a high probability that it could break down during a heat wave. Moreover, an unmaintained air conditioner will also result in higher than usual energy bills.
  4. Plant plenty of shade providing plants around your home. Trees can have a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to reducing the temperatures in your home during a major heat wave. For one thing, trees can cool down the air that travels through them. Also, trees can provide shade for your home, especially large leafy trees. If you live in a region that is prone to getting particularly hot in the summertime, you may want to think about planting some large shade providing trees. When you do plant these trees, make sure to go with deciduous varieties – you want them to lose leaves in the wintertime and allow for the sun to shine through. If you are trying to find a way to beat the heat, your answer may be to start planting some trees.

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