5 Stylish Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home

If you’re looking to do a bit of remodeling in your home, one of the things that you may have considered doing is painting or wallpapering some of the rooms in your house. However, as you’ve been looking at different colors and patterns, have you ever thought about taking it a step further and creating a design for your ceilings as well?

If that’s not something that you’ve considered before, but you’d like a few tips on stylish ways that you can totally change some of your ceilings, you’re in luck. This article is going to share with you five creative ceiling designs that can totally transform the look of any room inside of your house.

Paint the ceiling a different color than your walls. Something that you can do to add a pop of color to any room is to paint the ceiling a different color than the walls. It’s a fun effect that modernizes areas like your living room or bedroom. However, do keep in mind that if you have low ceilings or the room is small, you actually might want to paint everything one color. That provides the visual effect that your ceilings are “taller” than they actually are.

Design a stripe that runs from the ceiling to the wall. Another creative idea is to paint a bold stripe that runs from the ceiling down to the wall. It’s a really creative way to change the look of a room in a mere fraction of the time that it would take to paint all of it.

Add a stencil design to the middle of your ceiling. Even if you’re not a visual artist, that doesn’t mean that you can’t provide the illusion that you are. All you need to do is go to a local arts and crafts store in your area or hop onto a website like Etsy to purchase a stencil or vinyl design. Once you’ve found one that is just perfect for a particular room, apply it to the middle of your ceiling. This adds a really nice touch, especially if you put the design around a light fixture or ceiling fan.

Wallpaper or add tin to your ceiling. If you were to talk to someone who works at a company like Tin Ceiling Xpress about something else that you can do as it specifically relates to your ceiling design, they might recommend either wallpapering or adding some tin tiles to your ceiling. Although initially it might seem like a complex thing to do, there are websites that can walk you through both processes. To learn how to wallpaper your ceiling, visit DIY Network and put “how to wallpaper a ceiling” in the search field. To learn how to hang tin from it, go to This Old House and put “how to hang a tin ceiling” in the search field.

Make your ceiling “come to life”. If you want to bring life to a guest room or one of your children’s rooms, make the ceiling two or three-dimensional by adding some butterflies or leaves to it. One website that provides a great example of how to do this is Architectural Digest. Just go to the site and put “butterfly ceiling installation” in the search field.

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