5 Hot Swimming Pool Features to Consider Adding

If you’re able to purchase a home with a swimming pool or you have the money and the inclination to build one in your backyard, you might be understandably stoked just to have your own pool. But like any type of consumer product, there are all kinds of options to consider when it comes to your swimming pool. And whether it came with the house or you decide to install it after the fact, there are features you can add to make your pool one of a kind. Here are some of the hottest trends in swimming pool features.

  1. Water features. You might think that your pool and spa are water features in and of themselves, but there are all kinds of additional elements you could include to make your pool special. For example, there are a variety of options for waterfall-type features. An otherwise unusable hillside could be trenched and lined with rocks to hide a pump that brings water down the hill and into the pool like a stream. Or you might install a rocky ledge over the deep end so that water can cascade into your swimming pool. If you set your spa slightly above your pool, water could run over the edge of the spa and into the pool. And of course, you could add fountains or other water features, as well.
  2. Slide. This is an addition that can go on any pool easily enough, and if you happen to have kids in your household, it’s one feature that youngsters are sure to love. Just keep in mind that it will be a draw for neighborhood kids. If you want to add this extra, make sure to practice safety first by installing a high fence and locking gates around your pool area to keep unwanted (and unsupervised) visitors away from your pool when you’re not home.
  3. Gradual entry. The “beach entry” is a concept gaining some popularity. Generally speaking, you either enter the pool using the steps, a ladder, or the diving board. But a gradual entry pool offers you another option. Rather than having steps at the shallow end of the pool, the bottom slopes all the way up to the edge of the pool so that you can wade in, just like at the beach. And with this feature you won’t have to install tanning ledges – you can simply place your lounge chair on the slope and dangle your feet in the water as you sun yourself.
  4. Vanishing edge. Infinity pools have become a hallmark of high-end homes and hotels. And you can take advantage of this clever design trend in your own backyard by installing a vanishing-edge pool where the water flows over the edge and into a catch tray below, recycling back into the pool.
  5. Exercise features. If fitness is your main reason for wanting a pool, you might not be terribly interested in fancy swimming pool features. And if you don’t have room to install a lap pool, companies like SwimEx can provide the solution you’re seeking. More and more people are opting to skip the giant pool and all of the expenses that come with it in favor of small fitness pools with directional jets that allow you to swim in place, completing “laps” without the need for an Olympic-size pool on your property.

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