How to Keep the Carpet in Your Home Looking Great

When you first install new carpeting in your home, it is plush, vibrant, and durable. But over time, the fibers will trap dust, dander, dirt, and other particulates that are a common symptom of regular wear and tear. They’ll also get mashed down by heavy furnishings and the constant passage of residents and guests. Even with regular vacuuming, your carpeting will eventually end up looking dirty and distressed from everyday usage. Of course, carpeting is not inexpensive, even if you can find vendors that offer free installation with purchase (a rarity, to be sure). So you probably want to keep your new carpeting looking new as long as possible. With just a few simple guidelines to follow, you can definitely increase the longevity and use value of the carpeting throughout your home.

The place to begin is by banning shoes indoors. That’s right. No matter what color, texture, or fiber of carpet you prefer, you can’t hope to keep it clean when inhabitants and their visitors are tracking in all the dirt and pollution they pick up in the outside world. So set up an organized mudroom or at least a bin by the front door for people to deposit shoes as they enter the house. You could even allow residents to leave slippers by the front door for indoor use only. And as for sandal-wearers that also have dirty feet to contend with, leave some wet naps by the front door, along with a small trash bin, so that they can wipe away any dust and dirt before they put their bare feet on your pristine carpet. Strictly enforcing this rule is an excellent way to keep your carpet looking great longer.

Next you’ll want to institute a regular cleaning schedule that includes vacuuming on a regular basis. This is especially important if you have a house full of messy kids and pets that are prone to shedding. And although a standard push vacuum is probably fine for most households, you should at least entertain the notion of purchasing a HEPA filter vacuum designed to suck up and trap dust, dander, bacteria, and other allergen particulates that are a fraction of the size of your average dust mote. Make sure to move furnishings to clean underneath whenever possible.

You can also consider hiring a carpet cleaning service intermittently to perform a deep cleaning, such as steam cleaning your carpets or using non-chemical options. When you have a reputable and experienced vendor like ServiceKnights coming in once or twice a year, your carpets will continue to look as good as new for quite a while. In the meantime, you might need to spot treat, and you should have no trouble finding suitable solvents for this purpose. And if you have had the foresight and wisdom to purchase stain-proof carpeting, you might even enjoy a warranty that covers stain removal or carpet replacement in the event that stains cannot be removed.

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