8 Things to Check and Prepare If You Have a Basement Leak

There are actually several ways to prevent basement leak, it’s very annoying especially when your basement is flooded with water, so here are some ways to prevent those kind of things happen in your basement.

#1. Seal the Hole in Your Wall with Paint Coatings

A hole in your wall can make very big problem even the smallest one, because the water pipe in your wall may leak out and make your basement flooded with water, so it is best to cover the hole in your wall with paint coatings such as aqua proof or no drop, by sealing those holes you can prevent your basement from floods which is very annoying.

#2. Clean the Gutters

No one likes cleaning the gutters, but if you want a dry basement you must do it no matter what. This is a bit sarcastic but it is a fact that a dirty gutter can leak and make your basement flooded both with water and junks.Basement Leaking Through Floor Repair Red Basement Ideas

#3. WaterGuard Drainage

Its main objective is extremely simple, just keeping the basement dry by draining the water before it leaks onto the basement floor. Aside from waterproofing technique this system is arguably the simplest yet quickest way to absorb the water from your basement, this is best used if the weather is dry but if the weather is very wet the pressure of the drainage system will increased significantly which can reduce its performance.

#4. Repel Water with Membranes and Coatings

This method will not provide absolute prevention but it still better to have as secondary protection. This method can limit the amount of water from ground that penetrates the walls.

#5. French Drain

French drain itself is a trench filled with gravels (rocks) that can redirect both surface water and ground water away. French drains are primarily used to prevent water from penetrating or damaging your building foundations. Its system is very similar with septic tank.Basement Leak Where Wall Meets Floor Basement Lighting Layout

#6. Get Rid of Excess Humidity

This can be done by sealing the leaky dryer with foil tape or coating, it is used to prevent unwanted and annoying humid air from entering your basement, it is recommended that you have more than one layer of foil tape because it will definitely fall off, or you can use coating first then wrap it with two layers of foil tapes.

#7. Insulate Cold Surfaces to Prevent Condensation

Condensation is also a problem for your basement if you forget about the cold pipes in your building foundations, look for cold pipes in your house and cover it with sponge or foam pipe insulation to stop condensation, it is also can be done by using fabric but it is not recommended since water can penetrate through fabric easily.

#8. Add Gutters and Extend Its Downspouts

Gutters are very important from driving rainwater away from your foundation, but if you think that the gutter is not long enough to keep the water from your foundation, consider adding them. Both can make water away from your foundation, because water will go through basement by penetrating the soil beside your basement.

By doing those methods it is guaranteed that you will have drier and better basement, and you will never have problems with floods anymore.

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