8 Ways How to Soundproof My Bedroom

Soundproofing your bedroom is important if you love to play music instrument or love playing your favorite songs loudly, it is good for you and your mind but not for your family, and so soundproofing your bedroom is your choice if you do not want to be yelled by your parents. Here are several ways to soundproofing your bedroom.

#1. Build Ceiling and Walls

Even though you already have wall in your room, it is not a bad idea to add another layer, since sound can be dampened when it is forced to move through several layers of solid materials. If you do not want to add another layer of wall, you can add ceiling instead of wall, ceiling itself is dense enough to reduce the power of sound.

#2. Adjust Floors

This is quite important, if you have ceramic floors in your room consider adding one or some layers of carpets, since carpet or fabric can absorb the power of sound significantly. You can also add a small ceiling beneath your floor, but adding carpet is simpler.How To Soundproofing Panels For Doors

#3. Install Soundproofing Panels

Because carpet and fabric can reduce the power of sound significantly, it is not a bad idea to install a layer or some layers to your walls, having carpet floors and carpet walls will absorb the power of the sound, so nobody can hear clearly what is inside.

#4. Add More Items in Your Room

Sound can be reflected by any solid items, if you have no solid items consider adding some, since if you have nothing in your room, your sound will likely to reverberate, but if you have solid items such as bookcase, table, cupboard, etc. the sound will not reverberate easily.

#5. Wall Treatments

Wall treatments or decorations also can help you to dampen the sound in your room, for example putting a big photo in your room, or a little bit of flower decoration, etc. they can block the sound waves, so to be blunt they can make your room more comfortable and cozier, but also dampen the sound.How To Soundproof My Bedroom Window Wall Floor

#6. Items Arranging

Try to arrange your items in your room as tight as possible, it means that you should arrange without leaving a small space like adding something in the corners, even a small space can sometimes reverberate the sound. So it is best to close any small space in your rooms.

#7. Remove Vibrating Objects

We all know that sounds are produced by vibrating objects so remove every object that can easily vibrate.

#8. Make a Dense Door

You know that all of those methods will go waste if you do not have a dense door, making a dense door is not that hard, just adding some rubber or sponge in the door’s sidelines.

By following those methods, you will have a soundproof bedroom but will not waste much money to do any of it. Without realizing it, your parents will hardly heard any sounds from your room.

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