8 Tips How to Install Ceramic Tile for Your Bathroom Remodeling

Ceramics are one of the favorite materials for the bathroom. If you want an elegant style, it can also be a priority. Now, how do you install it? It would be easy and simple. Just follow the tips.

#1. Cleaning the Base

This is the very first step. We have to clean the base of dirt or other materials. If you are going to dismantle the old floor, you should do it carefully. Do not leave a mark or it will be a problem later on. You can use a vacuum to help you.

#2. Arranging and Lay Out

The next step is the trial of your layout. Well, put a floor and a few others. You will predict how they will be arranged in a neat, as well as artistic.Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor Installation

#3. Combine the Mortar

You will stir the mortar, and mix slowly. However, the first step will always affect the final result. Thus, observe each material to be poured in the bucket.

#4. Spread Them

Next is spreading mortar. Do it slowly, and make sure that all will be coated. You can measure the appropriate thickness. Then, proceed to the next stage.

#5. Press the First

Now, this is a prime step. Put the pieces slowly at first. You have to press precisely so that it can be used as a strong base. Perhaps, you would measure it first.Spanish Ceramic Tile Bathroom Ideas

#6. Put Them All

So, proceed to the next stage with the set and put your entire floor. You have to put them on a regular basis based on the size and pieces. It would be nice if you prioritize the larger sizes.

#7. Cut the Tiles

Cut according to size. You will find that some have a big difference. Supposedly, the floor can be created conveniently and safely. If they are too large, it will bother you. So you have to cut according to the size you will need.

#8. Last Finishing

The final step is grouting them all. It seems this would be easy, but if you do not implement all the measures seriously, you will get the results unbalanced. Also, this is the last step so that there could flatten any surface of the floor.

Well, so the steps you would do to ceramics. Typically, each type has a difference in quality. It could be that your material is too strong. So you will find it hard to cut it, but it will be better than you have to use a lower-quality ceramic. As a result, your floor will not last long.

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