8 Tips How to Grow Thick Lush Lawn

We always have a dream of a perfect lawn at our home. We would like to have a lawn that is green, lush and thick. To get that such a perfect one we must think organic. Our organic think will fit not only an alternative maintenance but also low cost. At the time we grow a thick lush lawn as expected we must necessarily pay attention to the way we mow, water and fertilize. Here are some tips we can follow.

#1. Choose the Right Grass

Right grass will optimize the look of our lawn automatically. If we live in a generally-warm area, we choose a warm-season grass, such as bermudagrass and centipedegrass. But if we reside in a cool city, cool-season grasses such as kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue will be the best ones.

#2. Mow Our Lawn

When we mow our lawn, which is set at the height of 3-4 inches. The longer grass might be much healthier than those mowed near to the soil. The longer the grass, the more stamina it possesses to stay away from diseases. Long grasses use extra sugar for optimal growth, which makes it thick and lush. Cut off no more than 1/3 of the grass at any time. It will keep our lawn lush and think but still in a health condition.How To Grow Lawn From Seed Fast

#3. Weeds for Lawn

We absolutely do not want weeds, we want grass. Weeds and grasses need sunlight; therefore, we should mow our lawn more frequently. Mow the grasses high. Without sufficient sunlight, weeds die easily.

#4. Grass Clipping

If we want our lawn to be thick and lush, keep the grass clipping after we mow your lawn. The grass clipping will serve nitrogen, giving the soil nutrients in turn.

#5 Water Lawn Regularly

At least 1-inch of water will be necessary to add per week to our lawn. Watering your lawn deeply will make grass having deeper roots. Watering also helps our lawn from dry-out. It is suggested to water lawn early morning to reduce problems such as diseases, as well as saving water by decreasing evaporation.Thick Lush Lawn Grass

#6. Fertilizer

Fertilizer will not be so important to do to deal with lush and thick lawn. We can apply a kind of organic fertilizer in the fall and spring to have the biggest impact. Do not fertilize in summer if our grass is a dormant one because it will not be able to use it. Remember that our lush and thick lawn only needs fertilizing only if it requires it so watch of the sign our lawn gives.

#7. Check for the pH level

We can find help from experts to test the pH levels. It should be done annually. A good pH level for grasses is 6.5. If we keep the perfect pH level, our grass will stay green, lush and thick.

#8. Your Lawn May Not Be Shaded From Sun

Sun is one of important aspects to get lush and thick lawn. Most grasses used may need at least some sunlight.

Following the tips to deal with your lawn will be very useful to get the lust and thick lawn as you wish. Preventing problems will be the best thing we can do then correcting them.


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