8 Best Outdoor Water Fountain Design Ideas

Wonderful Outdoor water fountain will give you an incredible view that brings happiness to your home. Here are some best outdoor fountain design ideas you can learn about:

#1. Vessel Fountain

This idea is the simplest fountain design one for you. The materials you need are water pump for the bricks, stones and waterfall for the beautification and basin for the container. First, you must dig the hole, have the basin fixed then add some bricks to make it more beautiful. The final thing you should do is to get the vessel and pump fixed at a time.

#2. Concrete Fountain

It is a design idea of a green-looking fountain. Go find some river stones to be used for decoration. Its main vessel or structure will be the beauty, which is designed from some concretes. You could finish all processes of creating this fountain design in only two days.Outdoor Water Fountains With LED Lights

#3.Stone Fountain

Prepare mix sized – stones, waterproof base or pump drill machine, dish, copper pipe, small rocks and gravel. The difficult thing about this idea is that you must drill stones. You do not have to be worried about it because you can ask for a professional’s help.

#4. Ceramic Fountain

It is the most ornamental sort of fountain idea that requires a spacious garden area that might cost high. Just count your needs and do the best you can. And, you may need a professional help due to some technical work you must do.

#5. Pot Fountain

This design idea is about to build a fountain with a pot. Some materials you need are oversized pot and water basin, pumping machine and grating. You should follow the plan carefully to get the accurate information concerning the project. The steps for this design are making a hole within the pot, installing the reservoir, adjusting the machine for pumping then adding the finish. You can choose types of decoration you need.Outdoor Pot Fountains For Garden

#6. Laughing Fountain

It is a low-cost fountain. You will need some materials for this idea, such as plastic bucket with the size and shape you want for the fountain, a ceramic container in a small size, plastic tubes and stones.

#7. Floral Fountain

You can do this idea of design using your unused flowerpots that are thrown in your backyard. Use all of the various flowerpots and form them to look like a fountain.

#8. Container Fountain

For this fountain idea, cobblestones and containers will be the only things you need. Use cobblestones to fill the container, no difficult to find material is needed for making this. Ensure there are a lot of bright colorful flowers around the fountain to make it beautiful.

When executing your fountain design idea you should thing about the cost you will spend and the space you need. Be creative with the idea to create a wonderful outdoor water fountain.

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